Market analysis and verification to keep Principals updated on trends, short and long term supply, demand and rates dynamics.

Our reliable partnership network allows us to access a wide range of vessel options, negotiate favorable terms, and provide comprehensive solutions identifying suitable vessels that meet the client's demands in any tanker segment: starting from small chemical tankers and going up to VLCC.

We pay full attention to charter party terms aiming to elaborate them to their utmost clarity to prevent disputes in the future thus saving time and money for our clients.


Careful verification of all incoming instructions, invoices and claims. Follow-up of chartered vessels’ status and schedules for timely detection of potential delays or disruptions with due notifications to the Principals of arising risks for planned schedules and necessity to undertake adequate commercial actions. Calculations and review of demurrage and other claims to support our clients.


Analysis of incoming claims, and proposal of solutions lined up with applicable rules and principles. Managing the process of handling of a claim in accordance with Principal's instructions.      

Where necessary - conducting a study of transportation terms of a charter party and/or commodity sale contract related to responsibilities for cargo operations, laytime, claiming procedures. 

In case of pending arbitration - analysis of legal position of the parties, managing arbitration process where involvement of legal firms is undesirable for Principal. 



Monitoring the technical aspects of vessels’ management, including maintenance, repairs, and inspections to ensure that the ships are in compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and that all the machinery and equipment are in good working condition, handle the planning and perfomance of voyages, including route optimization, fuel management, and cargo operations.

Cooperating and coordinating actions with port authorities, agents, and terminals to ensure smooth operations. Handling all voyage related claims in close cooperation with Principals.


We provide services for clients looking for period charter or purchase of vessels which requires matching their specific intended trade needs with market opportunities, followed by negotiating contracts, and ensuring their interests are protected at any stage of the process.




As brokers and operators we follow all new coming directives and trends developing within Maritime industry and ensure commitment to safe and environmentally friendly practices.

We help to build trust with clients and stakeholders who prioritize ESG considerations in their decision-making processes.

We invest in market intelligence tools and resources to gather and analyze data, enabling Principals to make informed decisions and provide valuable insights to their clients.

Operational Excellence and Safety

We regularly review and update our processes, systems, and practices to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Due attention is paid to assessing and managing financial, operational, and legal risks associated with vessel chartering, contracts, and market fluctuations.

We utilize software and platforms specifically designed for ship brokers to manage data, track vessel availability, monitor market trends, and facilitate communication with clients and partners.

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