- Assessment of status and tendencies of a certain shipping market, and provision of actual up-to-date positions of suitable vessels with respective ETA loadport.

- Introduction of essential and advisable for Principal terms and conditions of a charter contract, taking into consideration terms of transhipment and sale contracts.

- Conducting chartering activities in close interaction with freight manager and/or contract operator aimed at selection of the most appropriate candidates from economical and scheduling points of view.

- Upon conclusion of a charter contract – provision of reference note listing considered candidates, alternative offers, reported fixtures in the region, market levels indicated by recognised printed sources. 




- Drafting voyage orders for approval by Principal, monitoring of vessels / masters' performance of voyage orders.

- Upon authority from Principal – interaction with agents, terminals, cargo surveyors and ship’s administration for optimisation of vessel’s operations in ports.

- Follow-up of charterered vessels’ status and schedules for timely detection of potential delays and notification of the Principals of the occurring risks to Pricipals schedules and necessity to undertake adequeste commercial actions.

- Upon request of the Principal – calculation of freight differentials for various destinations in accordance with sale contract price formulae and applicable charter party terms.

- Upon completion of loading – provision of preliminary laytime calculation for loadport, drafting applicable Letters of Indemnity.

- Upon receipt of freight and other invoices related to particular transportation – verifying correctness of the invoices, calculations and supporting documentation, and provision of necessary comments to Principal.

- Commercial operation and management of vessels under time charter to Principal.



- Analysis of incoming claims, and proposal of solutions lined up with applicable rules and principles.

- Managing the process of handling of a claim in accordance with Principal's instructions.      

- Where necessary - conducting a study of transportation terms of a charter party and/or commodity sale contract related to responsibilities for cargo operations, laytime, claiming procedures. 

- In case of pending arbitration - analysis of legal position of the parties, managing arbitration process where involvement of legal firms is undesirable for Principal. 



With new rules and regulations being continuously developed and introduced by the Industry our consultants with vast experience are always ready to provide Principal with professional advice and assistance in:

— Assessing suitability of a particular vessel for safe transportion a particular type of cargo.

— Assessing Ship/Terminal compatibility, navigation and mooring safety.

— Interpreting, understanding and implementing new rules and regulations.

— Performing Incident Investigations and Root Case Analysis.

— Implementation of Risk Assessment programs.

— CDI and OCIMF pre-vetting inspections with further guidance through complete process.

— ISM and Technical Management Service.


- Assessment of shipping-related investment projects.

- Advice on fund raising and restructuring, including traditional and alternative debt sources.

- Accounting and financial management.

- Financial analysis and reporting.

- Growth strategy development.

- IPO, M&A and Investor Relations.




- Conducting review of integrated solutions of a particular transportation task involving multi-modal means of transportation.

- Assessment of effectiveness of ports and terminals’ facilities, and their terms of service weighed against the costs involved.

- Transshipments / STS 

- Close co-operation with Claims and Technical teams with a view to identify risk potential of a particular transportation task.


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